Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I took down the Christmas....

     Once again, it has been too long since I have posted ANYTHING.  I did not make any new years resolutions this year, since a 'resolution', for me,  usually results in a let down and a total loss of dedication a few weeks down the road.
     For this year, I will just simply call it a 2013 goal to communicate the form of my blog.  Let's see if I can pysch myself out (and make Uncle Don happy....he keeps "bugging" me for blog updates)!
     Well, I official feel like we have moved into the new year because the Christmas decor is down.  Delainey and I packed it all away this weekend.  Even though we did a very scaled back version this year, and did not even put lights on the outside of the house, the very act of taking them down means Christmas is over and the New Year has begun.....even if the calendar said it was already January 6th!
    My house is back to its normal state of chaos and yesterday Delainey returned to her bus riding, school going routine.  It is the New Year.
   Our holiday break and Christmas was pretty good.  Delainey had the standard two weeks off from school and our schedules allowed us to manage that well, something I was worried about!  Delainey was able to spend some quality time with Grammy and Papa during her break and, in usual fashion, was absolutely spoiled!  Her favorite gift was the Wii that Santa delivered and she has been spending every minute that we will allow her on it.  We have instituted "Wii Free" that doesn't mean that she can play Wii anytime she's more like a "sugar free" day....NO Wii!  Didn't think that would happen so quick.  It's adorable to watch her play and so far we only have games that are tailored to her, so daddy hasn't tried to steal her glory!  I did have a friend (that shall remain nameless :) come over for a visit the other day and he and Delainey played Wii for about 4 hours straight.  I'm glad he came to visit ME.  Haha!
     The other BIG highlight of Christmas break was the snow!  Over the two week break, we had over a foot of snow, and it was great!  The last day of school there was a snow delay of a few hours, which was an interesting experience for us!  On Christmas night, we went into Blizzard Watch and mom and dad left our house a bit early to make sure they were ready.  We got about 6 inches of snow the next day and although it was very windy and things we shut down everywhere, it wasn't too bad.  It could have been worse, and some areas got over a foot that day alone.  A few days later we got about 8 inches but without the wind like we had before and things were just beautiful.  Most people around here hate the snow.  It's cold, but it is beautiful!  The roads are well taken care of and the only time I don't like it is when the roads get icy.  In the meanwhile, Delainey and I will continue to have snowball fights and have as much fun as we can....this year she threw snowballs while I threw shovels full of snow.  I was shoveling the driveway and she was trying to sneak up on me....I think I won, but she was laughing the whole time!
     Now it is back to the grind!  I think that we will have a lot in store this year though....and hopefully I will keep up with it on here!  Delainey is in Girl Scouts and is selling cookies for the first time right now....this should be fun!   She has her winter recital coming up in Mid-Feb.  She is turning 6 at the end of Feb (WHAT!!!!) and fingers crossed, we are heading on a Disney Cruise this fall.  Details to come on that one....fingers crossed we will know for sure in a few weeks (just a warning....I am already slightly obsessed with it, so if I stick to this blogging may receive lots of info on the Disney cruise pre and post!). are a few pictures from our holiday events!

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